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Zieke Marquis is assumed to be 19-20 years old, and it is currently unknown whether he is a player or not.  He was first mentioned by Melissa Lively, on Ch1 P27 , but his first real appearance is on Ch10 P21 .


Zieke is 5'10 tall, making him only a little taller than Crystal. However, he has pretty good posture whereas she slouches a lot, so the height difference seems more pronounced when he's standing next to her. As someone who's studied martial arts for a large part of his life, his body is slightly on the muscular side.

His skin is a soft brown, his eyes are green and his short hair is silver with a chin-length lock of blue on either side of his face.

Zieke's expression is usually amiable and gentle, giving him a very friendly, approachable sort of air.



All that's really known is that he is one of Crystal's classmates, and she enjoys talking to him.

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