Not to be confused with the actual character Shiloh! ShilohPhoenix is the Colorist/Lackey of Magience, coloring the pages when Fae is done inking them and taking up such jobs as uploading pages, making minor edit fixes, keeping track of the wiki, and being a rubber wall for Fae to bounce ideas off of. In fact, many of the best character designs and plot ideas came from sessions of Fae pretty much flinging ideas at him!

In his own words:

"Not much to say, really. I like dawn and dusk, I'm about as passive as a clam, and I'm not that hard to befriend. I sleep with a fan on and like cats. I'm a broke college student with a questionable future and a head full of dreams and ideas. I'm extremely loyal and would fight to the death for the ones I love. I like silver better than gold and I'm a Libra. I'm also a huge nerd/gamer, even though I'm terrible at games. Good thing I'm more about having fun than winning, eh?"

Also he loves Fae very very much. They have a very strange platonic non-romantic relationship. (It's more like a symbiosis, really)