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Rayne Winterspell is Rune's little sister. At 13 years old, she's still young enough to be a crybaby, but displays a bit more maturity when it comes to important matters. She was only 6 when her father was killed and Rune went into a coma; most of her early memories are of Rune, so she wasn't as upset by her father's death as her other siblings were.  She first appears in a photograph on Ch2 P6 , and makes her first real appearance two pages later .


She's not yet hit a growth spurt, leaving her at a mere 4 feet 11 inches tall. Her skin is darker than average for Fae, though other than that she barely shows her Yokai heritage at all. She has lavender hair and electric blue eyes just like her mother; her hair is usually worn chin-length with a fringe hiding a teardrop-shaped blue aura gem. Her hair is actually dyed to match her mother's and Rune's, it's naturally a dark blue.

She enjoys the frilly extravagant clothing her mother buys for her, and actually likes dressing up - the only one of Ariana's children who does.

She doesn't have any Yokai markings because she had yet to pick out her designs when her father died. After that happened Rayne never got them because she didn't want it done by anyone but her father.


Rayne is a bit of a crybaby, but she took after her mom in regards to being able to make rational decisions even against her whims. She's the favorite to take over the throne next, since even at the age of 13 she shows an aptitude and interest for politics and economics and has an even temper - her Yokai blood levels out her crazy Fae side, and her Fae side tempers out her Yokai bloodlust.

She was never very close to any siblings other than Rune, since she was so different from them in age and was too small to play along in their big-kid games. This made her a bit of a Mommy's Girl, and is a little bit spoiled because of it. It's difficult for her to imagine or understand hardships on a personal level, though she does make an effort to try.

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