RCPA, or Romerus City Public Academy, are a chain of schools throughought Romerus City. Every school has a number that corresponds to when it was founded, such as RCPA 03 being the third. RCPA are escalator schools; you start in at kindergarden, and attend until you graduate high school at the age of 25. From there, you can immediately go into RCPU, Romerus City Public University, or you can apply for one of the many colleges in the Downtown district.

There are several of these schools in the Merchant and Low-Town districts. Downtown has no lower schools, only Universities and Colleges. The Noble District has their own private academy, called NGE, Noble Garden Elite.

Class SizeEdit

Classes in RCPA are usually small due to the declining birth rate. On average, there are roughly 10 - 15 students in any one class, and most grade levels never have more than 3 classes.

Uniform & Dress CodeEdit

RCPA have uniforms with minor variances to differentiate between the different schools. They all have a vest, a white collared dress shirt with either short or long sleeves depending on the time of year, a tie, and  slacks.

The ties have stripes along the bottom, the color denoting which school the student attends. 

The uniform is provided free of charge to low-income students. Every student is required to have at least 3 uniform sets.

Shoes allowed are sneakers, tennis shoes, flats, and boots. Shoes with heels greater than one inch, any type of sandals, or any with open toes are not allowed.

Students may wear a sweater or jacket with solid colors and no brand logos if they desire.

Hats and hoods, and other hair decorations are allowed if they don't obstruct the student's vision.

Hair must not obstruct the student's vision, but can otherwise be any style or color.

Piercings cannot be worn on campus.

Jewelery is allowed so long as it does not make excessive noise when the student moves.

No jewelery with digital screens or holographic displays to prevent students from cheating during tests by using their jewelery to hide answers.


The teachers in RCPA are usually pretty strict. There's one teacher per class teaching several subjects depending on the test scores of the students. Students who excel in math, for example, will be placed with a teacher who teaches Calculus and Trigonometry. Students may apply to take certain classes even if their test scores show they aren't inclined towards that area if they so choose, but it's rare for teachers to accept them since it means more work.