A party is a group of people who join forces for one reason or another.  Usually to make leveling up faster/easier or simply because it's safer than going alone.  

Creating a partyEdit

Unlike guilds, they do not require a base of operations and can be started and disbanded at any time by the party leader.  There is also no cost to start one, nor a membership fee.  To create a party, simply open up the menu and go to the "social" tab, and click the "add" button to invite prospective party members. A party leader can only add people to their party if they are within a certain viscenity, typically a radius of about 3 meters.  Once someone becomes a member of a party,  they can venture as far away from the leader as they need to, even though most parties tend to stick close together for obvious reasons.  

Party MechanicsEdit

  • One can only belong to a single party at any given time.
  • A party must have at least 3 members, at most 6.  Any less than 3 and it will be disbanded automatically, and the menu will not allow someone to add more than 6.
  • Any EXP gained by a party member is distributed between all members.  The one who earned the EXP gets a slightly larger cut than the rest, though.
  • There is no one set of rules pertaining to etiquette within a party.  There are simple unspoken rules such as "No killing/hindering/fighting/stealing from fellow party members, though the party leader is responsible for penalizing members for doing so, and if they don't do anything about it there is no automatic disbanding like there is with guilds.
  • There are certain abilities that only activate when in a party.