Noble Garden Elite is the finest school in Romerus City, and one of the top 5 schools of the G.U.R. It caters to the wealthiest and most powerful families in the city, grooming them to take over positions of power in politics or business. It's a fully comprehensive academy with classes ranging from preschool all the way up through the university level.

Class SizeEdit

The Noble District is not very large, but the wealthy seem to have an odd social competition going on. They seem to take pride in having several children, with a single family averaging six children within the Noble District. As such, even though it's small, the classes are quite large. It's not uncommon for there to be up to 30 children in a single class room.

Uniform & Dress CodeEdit

The uniform consists of a white dress shirt, black vest, black blazer, and black slacks for both male and female students. They must also wear a red tie and a special badge shaped like the school's insignia. The badge allows students to enter the campus, as they must pass through security check points to even so much as enter the private parking lot.

Students are expected to be impeccably groomed. Piercings, tattoos, and unnaturally colored hair is not allowed.

Shoes must be black dress shoes and must always be polished and buffed.

Hats and hoods are not allowed. Neither are jackets or sweaters.

Jewelery must be modest. It cannot catch the eye or distract other students.

Breaking dress code rules is punishable with up to expulsion (though usually the parents bribe the right people off).


There are many teachers in NGE, with a single class often having a different teacher for each subject. The teachers generally don't have to be strict since the children are groomed from birth to be obedient and well-behaved. Any misbehavior is usually overlooked and trivialized, though "problem children" are all grouped in classes together in a small detached building across from the athletic fields.