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Mikhail Amanar is a 20 year old main protagonist of the Magience webcomic, and the player of Mahieu Fauxfyre.  He first appears on Ch1 P14.


Mikhail stands at 6 feet 6 inches tall, a few inches taller than his game self, leaning a bit more towards the lean side than the athletic side. He has naturally black hair that he dyes dark crimson, bronze skin, and grey eyes. A long, thin scar runs straight up and down from his hairline to his jawline on the right side, crossing over the middle of his right eye. He tends to dress in suits or wear expensive vests, and has more fedoras than he can count.


Mikhail is quiet, reserved and well-mannered, presenting a polite smile to the world while keeping his true feelings to himself. He doesn't have very much difficulty trusting people, he's just a private person who likes to keep personal matters on the down-low. He's an excellent judge of character and highly intelligent, able to generally provide an accurate psychological profile on someone within minutes of speaking to them.

He's a feminist who gets quite angry when people speak poorly of women. One of the few things he truly cannot stand is sexism, and a sure way to make him lose his temper is to speak poorly of single mothers.

He's very self-confident and self-assured. He has a bit of a temper, but he usually manages to keep this under wraps. If things come to blows, however, he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and dish out some hurt.

He loves challenges, often making up games or setting ridiculous goals for himself to keep occupied. This has become easier to do since he started playing Magience back when it first came out.


Mikhail was born in Romerus City, raised in the Noble Garden district by his wealthy mother after his father died when he was a toddler. He got his name from his father, but his morals and manners are all the results of his mother's strict but loving upbringing.

Despite being rather wealthy, Mikhail actually attends RCPA 03 instead of Noble Garden Elite; his mom came from a poor family and wanted him to grow up understanding the plights of those less fortunate than he. As such, while he's quite understanding of those in the working class and lower, he finds spoiled rich kids an absolute mystery that completely baffle him with their senses of entitlement. He doesn't get along with the other Noble Garden children, but that doesn't bother him at all since he doesn't particularly enjoy their company anyway nor desires their approval. His grades are excellent due to his naturally high intelligence, inquisitive nature, and eidetic memory.