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Melissa Lively is the 36-year-old mother of Crystal Rose . She has red hair and green eyes, unlike her daughter who apparently inherited her looks from an unnamed and unknown father.  She first appears on Ch1 P26.

Melissa works as a callgirl at a gentleman's club, so she's out all night drinking and sleeps during the day with the aid of strong sleep medications. She relies on her daughter to take care of herself in regards to meals, housework, and schooling, though she checks in on Crystal quite often to make sure she's doing okay.

Despite a somewhat negligent method of child-rearing, Melissa does love her children very much and often expresses concern about Crystal's little sister as well as smothering her oldest daughter with affection when she's home; much to Crystal's dismay, since she doesn't like physical contact. Melissa just has her own problems and demons, and it's hard for her to realize Crystal has some too since she so rarely complains about anything out loud.

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