The info in this wiki is no longer 100% canonically author-approved accurate (at this point in time) and will not be kept updated by me in the future. With the advent of the Omnias, I no longer think the wiki is relevant or even desirable; any future canon info and lore I set down on Magience will be in the Omnias.

I don't mind if people who purchase the Omnias wish to go through the wiki and correct the info or create/delete new pages. However, I myself will not be maintaining or overseeing the wiki any longer, so please keep that in mind when perusing the pages. If you have any questions about Magience lore (or want to double-check info), feel free to shoot us a question on the Official Magience Tumblr.

Thank you!

(For the record, if you subscribe to the Magience Patreon for as little as a dollar a month you have access to exclusive content INCLUDING being able to download the Omnias FOR FREE as they're released!)

About Magience

Magience is an online webcomic created, written, and drawn by Faewild, and colored by Shiloh Phoenix . Originally posted on July 19th, 2010 , it has undergone a total of two reboots to date under its current incarnation. It was also based on an older comic Fae had written called "Tenshi no Yume" but most original elements of that comic are pretty much dust in the wind. Magience and its characters, ideas, images and related content are Copyright ©Faewild & ShilohPhoenix unless otherwise stated.

Magience is hosted on Smackjeeves and Tapastic , but it also has an Official Tumblr !

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