The Grand United Republic is comprised of the entire North & Central American continents. All 30 former countries and their territories were united under one banner after the fifth World War demolished 82% of the world's 9 billion count population. Desperate to survive, the remaining citizens banded together to support and protect one another.

The G.U.R. is now one of 5 nations on the entire planet. The other nations are the Eurasian Union (all former European and Asian countries), the Saharan Coalition (all former African countries), the Chile Confederacy (all former South American countries), and the Joint Oceanic Territories (Australia, Oceania, and the populated areas of Antarctica)

Like the 4 other nations, much of the G.U.R. is now wilderness and ruins, former towns and cities reclaimed by nature after the enormous worldwide drop in population. The few large cities that do exist, such as Romerus City, are rare paragons of technological civilization that sadly are often overpopulated due to people's fear of the growing wilderness and the many environmental protection laws preventing the establishment of new cities or towns.