A flaw is something that hinders an individual that they have little to no control over.  This page lists all flaws, most of which are tied to a certain race or class .



Tied to: Ayviah, Kassilik , Lykos

They're very difficult to sneak up on, picking up easily on small or unusual noises or movements.  However, this also makes them very easily distracted, and they can't resist investigating a potential threat/meal.

Amateur MagicianEdit

Tied to: Basir

Takes 50% longer for basir to learn magic than other races


Battle Form*Edit

Tied to: Trow

The Trow is able to change their shape to one much more ready for battle; they grow an additional 4 feet and gain muscle definition. Receive +400% bonus to Strength and Vitality when in Battle Form, but Intelligence and Wisdom both drop to 0.


Tied to: Ayviah , Kassilik , Lykos 

Able to take on the form of a beast, whose shape is determined by their type. Their beastforms are very large and fast, with 100% boosts to their race's main two stats, but their judgement is impaired while in this form and their magic is incredibly limited. They can change at will, but it takes 50% of their total HP to do so. Cannot speak in this form.

Blood AddictionEdit

Tied to: Yokai

The Yokai is addicted to bloodshed, gaining penalties to health, wellness, defense and speed when out of combat for too long.

Blood Frenzy*Edit

Tied to: Fae, Yokai

If injured past 40% health in battle, goes into a berserker rage. Will lash out at Ally or Enemy and will not stop until healed past 60% health or exhausted. Is immune to pain and status effects while Blood Frenzy is in effect.

Blood MadnessEdit

Tied to: Yokai, Mer(Peix only)

Increases chance of Blood Frenzy status regardless of injury so long as someone (enemy or ally) is injured within area of scent (the maximum radius the Character can pick scents up from).

Bonded Edit

Tied to: Dragons, 'Dragoon

Stats decreased by 75% when not close to the Bonded Character. Start to lose health if away from the Bond for more than 12 consecutive game-hours. If not Bonded, receive 15% decrease in stats until a Bond is formed.

Book Reader*Edit

Tied to: Mage 

Requires reading a spellbook or scroll to cast a spell. Empowers spells by 50%, however. (Unapplicable if character already knows Practical Magic . Can be unlearned through quest.)


Cold bloodedEdit

Tied to: Nagaens (Pure Nagaens only)

All stats -50% in cold climates


Dragon Stomach Edit

Tied to: DragonsDragoon

Almost always hungry. If gone for 4 hours without eating, will begin to lose health and gain the Fatigued status effect. When Full, gain additional 10% strength and constitution bonuses.Edit


Elemental Weakness Edit

Tied to: Elf

Fire, Earth and Vaesir damage taken increased by 30%


Faeblood *Edit

Tied to: Fae

When casting powerful magic, revert to a Primal Fae - the ancestors of current Fae. Skin will turn ivory white, eyes will lose their sclera and become entirely the color of the irises. 50% bonus to magical damage, damage taken increased by 100%. Lasts until canceled or knocked unconscious.

Fae MadnessEdit

Tied to: Fae

Liable to get Disoriented in Forest areas or anytime during a Full Moon. May also randomly contract Berserk or Calm during any battle.

Faint GlowEdit

Tied to: Aethen, Homunculus, Mer

The Individual gives off a faint glow. The light they generate is not enough to illuminate anything other than themselves, and is much easier to see in the dark. The glow is brighter the healthier they are, a person in low health would have a very faint glow. +5% to vision limiting percentages, -50% to stealth when active.  Aethen's skin glows all over, Homunculus and Mer only glow from their markings, though their glow is brighter overall compared to aethen.


Golem's Suppression Edit

Tied to: Homunculus

To counteract the extreme stat gains Indomitable Construct provides, Golem's Suppression makes it much more difficult for the Homunculus' Intellect and Wisdom to rise. Also receive a 50% penalty to those stats. This only applies to magic cast by the Homunculus themself; any magic items that draw automatically on someone's power will still use the base stat levels without penalties applied.


High Metabolism Edit

Tied to: Ayviah

The Ayviah has to eat large amounts of protein quite often in order to keep their ability to fly. If they don't maintain their energy levels they will lose their ability, even in Beastform. Bonus for eating fish or game that isn't cooked.

Hollow BonesEdit

Tied to: Aethen, Ayviah

Lowers the weight limit of the character, but makes them more fragile, increasing the chance of fractured bones. Cannot wear heavy armor.

Homesickness Edit

Tied to: Elf

When too far away from the type of waters on which the elf originated, gain a -10% penalty to all stats.

Honest Face, Honest Heart*Edit

Tied to: Homunculus

A Homunculus-unique Flaw. The Homunculus can only make facial expressions when they truly feel the emotion they are trying to convey, and can only convey said emotions by willingly doing so - their face will never change to reveal what they are truly feeling without their conscious decision to do so. They can only smile when truly happy, or frown when truly sad. Otherwise their face remains expressionless and unreadable. Unless properly conveying an emotion, the Homunculus takes a 50% penalty to their Charisma score. This ability becomes nullified if the Homunculus becomes affected by Blood Frenzy, Berserk, or Disorientation until they come to their senses.

Hot Blooded *Edit

Tied to: Trow, Yokai

Tends to get aggravated or angered easily. More susceptible to Berserk, Blood Frenzy, or Disorientation status effects.  Resistant to calm.


Indomitable Construct *Edit

Tied to: Homunculus 

Having a false body makes the Homunculus much stronger and hardier than mortal beings. Strength and Vitality are increased by 150% and gains towards those stats are much easier. The Homunculus is immune to most diseases, illnesses, or poisons, and do not get fatigued or need as much sleep as other races. They also have greatly enhanced regeneration while in combat, often recovering from wounds within seconds to minutes depending on the severity of the injury. Conversely, potions of any sort do not work on them and healing magic or support buffs are reduced in effectiveness by 90%.


Tied to: Novice

Tends to mess up in battle. Cannot learn anything beyond a basic spell.

Instinctive Hatred*Edit

Tied to: Ayviah , Nagaens 

Ayviah gain penalties of-75% to all stats if in a party with a Nagaens, +75% to all stats when fighting one. Nagaens gain penalties of-75% to all stats if in a party with an Ayviah, +75% to all stats when fighting one.

Iron BurnEdit

Tied to: Fae

All Fae are weak against Iron. +100% damage from iron weapons, -50% to all stats if wearing iron.



Kitsujin's Cleverness*Edit

Tied to: Yokai (Kitsujin variety only)

The Yokai gains enhanced speed and Intellect bonuses, at the cost of Defense. Much more likely to learn spells when the Yokai attempts to use Fire or Wind magic, and gains damage bonuses of 10% when using spells of either of those elements.



Tied to: Kassilik

When out of combat, Kassilik becomes lethargic and has a tendency to rest or nap excessively. Especially prevailent in warm, sunny areas. 

Look! A Distraction*Edit

Tied to: Swordsman 

Able to catch and hold a mob's attention more easily.

Lust for KnowledgeEdit

Tied to: Dragons, Kassilik

Love learning, to the point of obsession. Their curiosity is almost crippling and can get them into trouble quite often.


Magic Addiction Edit

Tied to: Dragons, 'Dragoon

Will begin to lose stats and gain the Fatigued status if magic is not consumed within a game-day.

Molting Edit

Tied to: Ayviah

Twice a year the Ayviah will begin to shed their feathers, temporarily losing their ability to fly while they grow back. This generally happens in Winter and Summer.







Sensitive EarsEdit

Tied to: Basir, Kassilik

Those with this can be harmed or Disoriented for short periods by loud noises. Damage inflicted near the ears also does 30% more damage.Edit

Sensitive TailEdit

Tied to: Fae , Kassilik

+900% damage taken if it's inflicted on the tail.  


Tied to: Nagaens

Every year, the Nagaens must shed their scales and be without for a few days while a new coat grows in. This may also be triggered if the Nagaens takes severe damage.

Shifting Karma *Edit

Tied to: Aethen

Doing good deeds gets Aethen a bonus of 1-50% to their luck stat for at least an hour, up to a week. They also receive penalties to luck when they do something malicious or self serving, 5-80% less for at least a full day, up to a month.  The bonus/penalty and length thereof usually corresponds to the act.  This ability does not apply to any harm done to mobs or in self-defence. It also stacks, so you can build up lots of luck by doing a lot of stuff.  You can only build it up time-wise, though.  Quality averages out. (Example: Do one big thing for 24 hours of +20% luck and then do 3 small things for  1 hour of +5% and you'd end up with 27 hours of +9%.) 



Tied to: Trow

Penalty of 15% to Wisdom and Intelligence. Gain +20% to all stats except for Intelligence/Wisdom when not the leader of a party.

Tranquil forestEdit

Tied to: Basir (Seneca variety only)

When in a forest, -80% chance of becoming disoriented or disabled, but also has a small chance of becoming calm.


Undying Loyalty*Edit

Tied to: Homunculus 

A Homunculus cannot harm or allow harm to come to their Master, and they must obey their Master's short-term orders. The Homunculus' Master is determined by an item or trinket that the Master must wear at all times for its effect to be active. The Homunculus' ownership can be passed person to person, but if the ownership trinket is given to the Homunculus they may choose their own Master. Alternatively they can wear their own trinket, or hide it. If the trinket is destroyed, the Homunculus will die, but as long as the trinket remains whole and undamaged the Homunculus cannot be killed.



Waterlogged Edit

Tied to: Ayviah , Kassilik

When in bodies of water, all stats decrease -50%. Movement becomes sluggish and disorientation sets in if the individual isn't removed from the water within a certain amount of time. Ayviah with this flaw cannot fly while this is in effect.

Weak Body Edit

Tied to: Mage

The Mage takes a 25% penalty when receiving physical damage. Cannot wear anything heavier than leather armor.




(*)This flaw also has some gains to it, so it's listed as both an ability and a flaw
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