False Eden is a guild in the world of Magience; a guild of hackers. They have branches all over the world, small little pockets of members who work in the shadows. So far, they can only slightly manipulate bounties, obtain valuable information, or change a Character's race within certain parameters.

Apparently their services are very expensive.

The Kimolo branch of the guild, stationed in Western Megaia, is the only one featured in the comic so far. It is headed by Hydra, a pale Kassilik woman who seems to be all-business. However, upon further reading it becomes apparent that she tries to offer what help she can, no matter what.

The only known member of the guild is Visitor, who also seems to be of the Kassilik type. He's helpful to an extent, but the moment trouble shows up he's way more than likely to flake, claiming he has work to do, or whatever else he can get away with. Long story short: he's friendly, but he's a coward.

False Eden has branches everywhere; there's generally one HQ in each country/territory. Megaia is an exception, due to its tremendous size and population. Branches tend to be small, holding 3-5 members at a time.