Faewild, or just Fae, is the online name of the artist/writer/creator of the Magience Webcomic . Their duties include writing Magience, sketching out pages, adding dialogue, and inking said pages. Sometimes, to help out Shiloh who is busy with college, they flatcolor pages. They also maintain the Tumblr , the DA group , write most of the Wiki articles, and look after the website itself.

Fae enjoys drawing, writing, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, listening to music, some anime/manga, being silly, and relaxing. Fae dislikes sitting still for too long, focusing on only one thing at a time, and people who look down on others no matter their reasons for doing so. They're also very bad with strangers and tend to be at their grumpiest in the morning, or whenever they're just waking up.

Despite being bad with strangers, they LOVE meeting fans of Magience and love even MORE seeing them make fanart, fanfiction, or just seeing how enthusiastic they are about the story! It really makes their day. (Shiloh's too.)

Fae is very proud of how dapper they are and frequently abuses the caps lock key. Also they love ShilohPhoenix very very much. They have a very strange platonic non-romantic relationship. (It's more like a symbiosis, really)

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