Enforcers are the equivalent of a police force as well as a military, though they are a stand-alone group independant of any nation. They are deployed to enforce global and national laws and protect civilians.

After the 5th World War, once the 5 nations had united all their countries and settled border disputes, all five of them agreed to disband their military and police forces if an entirely neutral replacement was created; thus, the Enforcers were founded. An academy was established on neutral ground in Antarctica, and laws set forth to ensure their neutral political position as well as protect nations from future corruption in the ranks. Each nation is required to provide the same amount of Enforcer candidates every year determined by the nation with the least amount to put forth. Even if the other nations have thousands of candidates, if one nation only provides 100 the others must only provide 100 each as well.

Though they are strict on citizens when it comes to upholding laws, they are just as strict with each other; Enforcers who abuse their position and power are dealt with quite harshly. Any complaint civilians place against an Enforcer are taken seriously and dealt with in a timely manner. Even if the Enforcer is innocent, they are unable to rise in rank for several years since doubt has been cast on their character.