A Race in Magience is defined as a sentient species slightly humanoid in nature who share a culture with others of their kind. This is because all races are actually decended from humans, who the Riaritians refer to as Ancients . If they weren't all related somehow, they'd be separate species; instead, they're just different races of the same species, albiet very VERY different from each other. Evolution aided by magic will do that to people.

When listing a race's appearance in regards to coloration and height, what are listed are only COMMON GUIDELINES, or averages, for what they usually look like. Differences can occur, so it's quite possible to have an Elf born with red hair or an Aethen with blue hair. It happens, but it's slightly more unusual. No one looks twice at adults with strange coloration though, thanks to the rise in popularity of Modding.

Multi-form races which have a humanoid form, such as Large- and Titan-class Dragons, are included here as well even though technically they aren't really a "race" so much as a different type of life-form entirely. This is basically a page for categorizing different kinds of sentient beings, not just different races.

Monsters do not belong here unless they are intelligent enough to have their own semblance of culture. Inversely, even humanoid creatures do not belong here if they don't have a shared culture, i.e. ghosts or other similar creatures.

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