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Andrew Tutore was a 19 year old protagonist of the Magience webcomic , and the player of Raven Bloodfang . He considered his best friend to be Crystal Rose, but that was hardly mutual. He died in the game of Magience at the hands of The Herald, which somehow caused him to die in real life as well. His first appearance in the comic was on Ch1 p4.


Andrew stands 5 feet 11 inches tall, a good 3 inches shorter than his character in Magience. He's also thinner, being 140 pounds.

His hair is coal black with faint grey streaks not noticeable from a distance. His eyes are a bright green which seems almost unnatural, and he's often asked if he had a cosmetic eye surgery or if he wears special lenses.

He wears tight T-shirts and loose worn jeans, dressing casually and comfortably, usually choosing darker colors.


Andrew has a normally very stern appearance due to his grumpy scowl and thick, heavy eyebrows overshadowing his eyes. He's more serious than Crystal and he tends to overreact a little bit about some things (most of which involve Crystal and her perceived stupidity).

He's aggressive and loves physical activity, so he used to get into fights alot. He's also a bit of an asshole, and tends to put down others without realizing he's doing it.


Andrew was born in Oceanus, a town far to the south of Romerus City. He moved to Romerus with his grandparents, and now lives in a low-income facility on the opposite side of the city from Crystal. He was raised by said grandparents, his father having run off and his mother, at the time, being unable to care for another son.

Jacob, Andrew's older brother, was old enough to stay and help the mother through tough times, so Andrew has great resentment towards him. Jacob, on the other hand, loves his little brother (and loves antagonizing him), even going so far as to move to the same city to be closer to him. Andrew, for his part, does as much as possible to stay away from Jacob.

When Andrew moved to Romerus, he immediately joined a gang and rose through the ranks rapidly until he overthrew and exiled the old leader for being too weak. Shortly after, Andrew met Crystal. He spends a lot of his time with Crystal, seeming to be keeping an eye on her for reasons unknown.

His distant ancestors were Italian.

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